My Clio

Time-saving, flexible planning and administration tool
An easy overview of all your material  

Your tool for planning and administration

My Clio is our flexible, time-saving preparation tool, which is included with all of our learning portals at no additional cost. With it, you can assign homework to your students and get an overview of your lesson plans and classwork.

An overview of your digital materials

Our materials overview gives you a quick and easy overview of all the digital teaching materials your school has access to. You can also add new materials and create a personalised view of your favourite content.

Build unit plans the way you want

One of the most important features in My Clio is the ability to create your own unit plans according to your preference and the needs of your students. Using our unit plan builder, you can create your own unit plans from scratch or edit and customise one of our many interactive unit plans.

Saving you time in a busy schedule

My Clio contains a wide range of features to ease your planning and free up valuable time. Everything is gathered in one place, allowing you to manage and differentiate homework, classwork, quizzes and unit plans – quickly and easily.

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