Clio Training

Strengthen your students' skills with flexible training sets that support sound, video and images
Effective training with fully-adaptable exercises  

Train with different types of exercises

Clio Training includes a wide variety of interactive exercises that can include sound and images. Students will be able to train their skills in language use, grammar, vocabulary and more.


Adapt the training sets to your class

Explore a wide range of training exercises, create your own, or combine existing material with your own ideas. Clio Training lets you develop training sets specifically adapted to your class and lesson plan.


Keep track of your students' progress

Clio Training lets you track your students' progress without ever having to get out your red pen. Our self-correcting exercises can be customised and differentiated to fit the specific needs of each student, and you will be able to quickly and easily detect problem areas that may require special attention.


Direct access for your students

You can choose to assign exercises to your students directly or let them explore on their own. Students can access the training exercises at any time, which makes it easy for them to find and practise the specific skills they need.

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