Clio Exams

Digital exams that meet all national standards
Get your students ready for the official exam

Meets national standards

Clio Exams meet all political and professional standards for digital exams and have been developed to mimic the structure and content of the official exams. With Clio Exams, your students are guaranteed the best possible conditions in which to prepare for the official exams.


Puts your students at ease

Through a wide range of exemplary exams, your students will be able to practise and become familiar with the format of digital exams. In addition, Clio Exams can be used for midterm exams.


Differentiation made easy

The user-friendly control panel lets you monitor exams and adapt them in real time to the needs of the individual student. For example, you can start and stop the timer as needed or assign additional time to students who need it.

Create your own exams

The exams have been developed by our editors and may be used as is, but you can also choose to create your own exams by taking advantage of the many interactive templates available.

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