Clio Evaluation

Quick and efficient evaluation of core subjects and skills
An easy overview of your students' core subject knowledge  

Quick and effective evaluation

Clio Evaluation contains a wide range of quizzes that you can use to evaluate your students' core subject knowledge. It is quick and effective, and you can leave your red pen at the bottom of the drawer – everything is self-correcting.


Customise tests to your students' needs

You can create your own tests or adapt existing ones to the specific needs of your students. Clio Evaluation makes it easy for you to tailor the tests to fit your own class and lesson plan.


An easy overview of your students' answers

The statistics module gives you an overview of your students' answers. This helps you determine each student's strengths and weaknesses, making it easy to identify areas that require additional attention.


Covers central skill and knowledge objectives

The tests have been selected and compiled by our skilled editors, and you can always be sure that they are relevant to the objectives of the subject.

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