Clio Tests

Say goodbye to grading student work with our self-correcting quizzes, exams and tests
A time-saving suite of easily-accessible training tools  

Say goodbye to grading

Clio Tests has been developed from the ground up with the primary purpose of saving you time. All assignments are self-correcting, so you can put away your red pen and leave the grading to the system. And what's more, your students will automatically receive direct, constructive feedback.


Create and differentiate your own assignments

The control panel lets you keep track of each student's progress so you know where to focus your efforts. Using the included statistics module, you can get an overview of results at the student and class level and use this information to develop your own assignments or edit existing ones to fit your students' needs.


Three types of self-correcting quizzes

Clio Training

Explore more than 1,100 questions across 21 different types of interactive Clio Training exercises. Your students can train their language proficiency, grammar, vocabulary and more, and you can easily keep track of their progress.

Clio Exams

With Clio Exams, you can prepare your students with self-correcting exam sets that conform to national standards for digital exams. Make your students feel at ease with the exam process, and adapt the pace and content of the exam to the needs of the individual student, e.g. by assigning additional time to weaker readers.

Clio Evaluation

Clio Tests lets you easily and effectively evaluate your students' skills in core subject areas. Our wide range of tests is intended to cover the central skill and knowledge objectives for each subject, and the included statistics module gives you an easy overview of all results, making it easy to spot problem areas for individual students. You can even create your own tests to match your students' needs perfectly.
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