Learning has never been more fun. Seriously.

What you get with Clio Online  

Everything you need for teaching

Our complete learning portals give you everything you need for teaching. The portals are tailored to national targets for education, so you can always be sure that your teaching follows the national curriculum for each subject.

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More time for you and your teaching

Get inspiration and help in your daily tasks from our up-to-date unit plans, texts and activities. We make sure that you always have something exciting up your sleeve, and that you never run out of good ideas. You save a lot of preparation time and can devote more time and energy to yourself and your teaching.

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Teaching that is always current

Our editors stay informed about current events and develop new texts and activities whenever something important happens in the world, or whenever the national curriculum is updated. You will always have the most current teaching material on the market.

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Complete yearly lesson plans for all subjects

You will find complete yearly lesson plans on all our portals. These are structured around the content of the portals and are intended to meet the subject requirements for each subject. You can follow them to the letter or pick and choose from the content as you see fit – the choice is yours.

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Reach more students with greater ease

Does 28 students with different needs and one single teacher sound like a familiar equation? Our portals will help you solve it at the click of a button. Choose between an easy and a difficult version of each text, have your students use the read-aloud function, or enable the Dyslexie font for students with dyslexia.

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Much more than regular books

Our portals will bring interactivity to the fore in your teaching. All of our portals contain videos, images and audio clips for a more multifaceted learning experience which will inspire and motivate your students. You will also find a wide range of resources for teachers in the form of toolboxes for topics such as inclusion, movement, language development and more.

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