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Clio Online is the market leader for digital learning materials in Denmark. We produce digital learning portals for primary and lower secondary education. Our ambition is to create innovative, creative, and compelling digital learning materials for teachers to integrate into their lessons, and that students can enjoy during class.

Our vision Platform 2.0

Why choose Clio Online?

100 % Digital Approach

Our vision is to produce digital learning portals with complete and holistic materials based on national curricula, so that teachers are able to teach solely using Clio Online. Our 100 % digital approach and subject-focused strategy is a clear differentiating factor from other portals. 

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My Clio

My Clio is a digital planning tool included with all our learning portals. In My Clio, there are tools for teachers to manage homework, statistics on their classes, material overviews, tests, curriculum planning, yearly lesson plans and teaching in itself. Students also have access to My Clio, where they can find homework, notes and test results.

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Clio Test

Clio Online's testing system gives you access to a universe of interactive, self-correcting assignments and exercises that can be used to strengthen your students' skills and evaluate their progress.

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What do our users say?

"The content is always up to date and relevant. As a teacher, I can be sure that the material covers the national curriculum, and the many different approaches allow me to introduce each topic in a fun and inspirational way."

- Lotte Vett, Nymarkskolen in Svendborg
Lotte Vett
Cille Skovmand

"Clio Online's learning portals have made my teaching more active, and my students are more enthusiastic and committed than ever."

- Cille Skovmand, Blovstrød Skole in Allerød
Cille Skovmand

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